Euromedia Group has bought three smaller publishing houses, now owns 11.

3. 8. 2018

Euromedia Group (EMG) has bought three smaller publishing houses Brána, Laser and Listen. The company, which is a member of the Knižní holding (Book Holding), now owns 11 of them. EMG, with a purchase, is trying to cover a broad reader's spectrum, the press release said.

Brána publishing house focuses mainly on popular literature, domestic and world fiction. Listen focuses on publishing the news of Czech authors, for example on August 7th, it will publish the anthology of the short stories "Město mezi zelenými kopci" (The City among Green Hills). Laser brings pleasure to fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

EMG commenced business in the spring of 1991 and includes, for example, Odeon, Universum or Ikar, which began publishing books by writer Michael Viewegh this year. In 2017, EMG published a total of 750 book titles, run by Knižní klub (Book Club) and the children's club Knížata. The company also owns the largest bookstore in the Czech Republic.

According to the number of issued titles and total turnoved published in the last annual report of the Union of Czech Booksellers and Publishers, EMG ranks second in the Czech Republic behind Albatros Media group. According to the report, Euromedia Group had a total turnover of CZK 1.35 billion in 2016 and revenues from the distribution of books by other publishers of CZK 767 million.