Czech Media Invest (CMI) is a holding company that focuses on acquisitions and management of media assets in Central and Western Europe.

Through its subsidiary company Czech News Center, which is the leading media house in the Czech Republic, it publishes four daily newspapers, several dozens of magazines and web titles. The company also owns two printing houses and is the leader in publishing and selling books and print distribution in the Czech Republic. In 2018, Czech Media Invest (CMI) became the owner of major radio stations in the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. In the same year, the group expanded its operations to France where it owns, for example, a socio-political weekly magazine Marianne and holds a stake in the Le Nouveau Monde holding, one of Le Monde’s shareholders. With Lagard√®re Group, the final phase of the negotiations on the acquisition of the French version of Elle magazine and other magazine titles is in progress.



Structure of the Group


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